30 May 2013

I've Created a Monster!

Baby asleep ON the table.
A cute monster... but still a monster!

I've been so social and out-and-about with her that now she's only happy when we're out! Whingey all morning until we took off in the pram. Then blissfully happy.
Such a spoilt little baby. Take me to a cafe mummy! Now!! 

Although, it does mean that I can do lots of things - in the pram, in the car - so that makes life easier. And it also means we're finding a lot of new cafes and spending lots of time with friends. So really, it's win win. Sort of.

Es ♥

27 May 2013

Always Unsure

This makes me feel better about never being sure of anything. I can now just pretend that I'm just wise, right?

26 May 2013

Retail Therapy

There is such a thing! 
And it's not shallow. It doesn't necessarily leave you feeling hollow (and poorer). Sometimes it's a very real, spiritual happiness! Some time to yourself with something to show for it...
...even if it's only an hour. Even if its only a few t-shirts and bras. Even if it's only from Kmart. Still counts!! 

21 May 2013

Baby Photo Shoot - Photos

Was a super fun day - Ivy was about 3 weeks old. Here's just a selection of a few. Don't want to overload you. 

We're so happy with how this turned out! Would happily recommend Selah Photography any day! Maybe she can do our wedding one day. Haha!!

Es ♥

20 May 2013

June Challenge

So I've probably got enough daily challenges with our little one around, but it's getting easier all the time. And helping me through? Chocolate. Biscuits. Lollies. Ice cream. Not such a big deal, I mean I don't eat that much do I? Then again, I did just have 2 fillings done at the dentist. She said to me, "Floss more and no sugar!"

I can't blame the baby for all of it. I guess chocolate got me though my pregnancy as well. Happy to have a good bit of dark chocolate in my life now and then, or special treat cake, but I've definitely been doing more of a daily indulgence lately. And by lately I mean, um, a long while.

So with a new month brings a new challenge. No sugar! People do Dry-July and Oc-Sober for alcohol, so why not cold-turkey off the sugar for a month? I'm going to keep in the natural sugars in fruit, but not honey - otherwise I'll just put bucket loads of honey in everything! It usually takes me about a week to ween myself off sugar, then I'm back in control, but I'd like to see what benefits I see after a month. So, watch this space. I'm sure some sugar-deprived rage will be hitting these walls...

Es ♥

14 May 2013

The Best Laid Plans

P went back to work yesterday, so it was the first day on my own with Ivy. My grand plan was to have mum come over and we would tackle some clothes shopping, chores, cafe time etc.

Here's how that went:

Ivy didn't sleep to well. That is, she cried almost every hour. I was trying to let P sleep 'cos he had to work , so it was all up to me to settle her. I have to say that I was mad at her. Really mad. I love her, but geez, she was testing me! So my day yesterday ended up just sitting around with her, eating what I could grab quickly, then both of us crashing in the afternoon for a long nap.

So, the best laid plans are pretty much out the window at the moment! I guess if you feed, clothe and cuddle your baby that's enough activity for a day. Shopping can wait, and clothes-washing be damned!

Es ♥

10 May 2013

Things Right Now

  • Photo shoot for bubba on Monday - went really well! Looking forward to pictures in a couple of weeks (sample on left - what a poser!)
  • Got a mug made for mum with a picture of Ivy on it, arrived in time for Mother's Day on Sunday - phew!
  • Ivy has been vomiting and crying more than usual and has green poo. I know, nice huh. But the GP says although she's reflux-y, it's all normal so we're trying to keep her more upright to reduce the up-chucks. So far, it's helping so we will see how we go.
  • Had lunch yesterday at Manly Wharf Bar yesterday and sucessfully breast fed in public. Wasn't a full feed, and I still need to work on my position with Ivy, but it's a start. Wanted to do something holiday-like for P before he goes back to work on Monday.
  • Going out tonight! A friend moved to my 'hood and a few gals are having dinner locally. Literally, at the end of my street.
  • Express success!! Breast pump works, boobs work and P had his first chance to feed Ivy. Hence, the going out tonight - gonna have myself glass or two of wine!
So that's enough to be going on with for now I think. Hopefully seeing some friends tomorrow, and definitely seeing mama on Sunday. First Mother's Day for me!

Es ♥

5 May 2013

Cookie Time

I'm tired, pretty strung out and often covered in baby vomit, but cooking helps to calm me. Here are some cookies I made - Cranberry, chocolate, coconut and chia seeds. I guess they are CCCCCookies!

I used this recipe but added a tablespoon or two of chia seeds and changed the white chocolate to milk (not a big fan of white). Turned out alright I think!

Es ♥